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Get a Fully-Responsive Website with SBC!


Studio Blue Creative is here to help you to not only navigate the often confusing world of social media, websites, and search engine optimization, but to help you stay current and relevant in both content and frameworks. It is unfortunately true that the jargon used to describe what websites are and do sounds like something you'd only hear on The Big Bang Theory or in a programming class. When you hear the words "fully responsive website," however, what is being referred to is exactly what it sounds like: the website responds fully to all different interfaces and devices.  This means that it can be accessed from computers, tablets, and phones with equal performance and quality.  Why is that important? Look around.  EVERYONE has his or her head bowed toward some kind of electronic device, and phones are used as much or more that the laptop or home computer. To be competitive, your industrial supply site must work well with all web-enabled devices so that your customer base can quickly and easily access it and order from it.

Rather than having a system that requires designing multiple templates for different sized devices, SBC has one that is compatible with a variety of devices for better service and easier use. We offer multiple-page designs that will adapt and work with all web-enabled devices regardless of size, type, or brand, providing you and your customers a streamlined online marketplace for all their industrial supply needs.

Check out our web design portfolio for an idea of the services that we offer, and contact us today to jumpstart the exponential growth that a fully responsive website can bring to your industrial supply business.  Supply Store Pro is the way to go! 

Social Media is Here to Stay - Use it to Build your Business!


Social Media is not a passing fad - it is the reality of everyday life in our world. In order to be competitive and keep up with trends, it is essential that a business be connected and engaging with all forms of social media. In case you’re not convinced, here are 52 reasons why:

1)     Facebook has over a billion users. That's BILLION, with a B.
2)     Facebook has over 500,000,000 mobile users.
3)     Search and social media are becoming more intertwined. It’s messy now, but Google+ and Bing are starting to figure out when it works.

4)     Pinterest can become one of the biggest social media properties without any help from the “typical” early adopters, i.e. male teens and twenty-somethings.

5)     Tumbling is the new blogging.
6)     Blogging’s still as important as ever.
7)     No one remotely sane thinks social media is a fad.
8)     Scrabble and Boggle addicts can play similar games with their friends through their mobile devices without ever worrying about lost game pieces, and communicate through messaging while gaming.
9)     You can’t help sometimes checking out your friends’ pictures of their kids.
10)  It’s so big that whenever two or three people say they stop using a massively popular service, The New York Times publishes a “trend” story about its demise.
11) “Social media is a messy, magical gift. It's the unexpected that creates value for both the brand and customer. Done well, social media brings customer and the people of the brand closer together.” – Toby Bloomberg
12)  Wikipedia.
13)  Shaq has always been and will always be one of the best things about Twitter.
14)  Social media gets people to turn on the TV for live events.
15)  It gets people into stores.
16)  In those stores, retailers and product manufacturers can incorporate social content digitally and physically to educate, empower, and excite customers.
17)  Friends’ endorsements sell products.
18)  People get crowds to fund their passion projects…
19)  …and charities…
20)  …while refining their product ideas.
21)  Brands do this too.
22)  “We are the nation… of Google and Facebook.” – President Obama
23)  Are there any weeks where there aren’t social media-focused events?
24)  Job descriptions for people with at least five years of experience focused on social media are looking less ridiculous.
25)  Thanks to Skype, Google+, Apple’s FaceTime, and others, the “Jetsons” vision of video telephony has become real.
26)  Spotify and others have reminded us that music is better with friends.
27)  Social media works best when it brings people together in real life.
28)  It makes professional collaboration far easier and richer.
29)  It has become an essential part of R&D.
30)  “People will tell you social media is some kind of unicorn, but it’s really just a horse.” – Jay Baer
31)  Amazon’s Kindle and Goodreads prove that some social media users have the attention span to read books.
32)  Thanks to Reddit and MetaFilter, even guys who should be ironically over social media by now are non-ironically into it.
33)  Memes are social. And occasionally brilliant.
34)  Social media doesn’t create democratic revolutions, but it helps get people together to change the world.
35)  “People publish. Instead of denigrating user-generated content… marketers need to understand that this is what we care about.” – Seth Godin
36)  There are still a few great social services and apps that haven’t been acquired and subsequently shut down by Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and Twitter. At least, that’s true until Facebook’s IPO.
37)  A few years ago, a presidential candidate was lambasted for being a community organizer. Now community management is one of the hottest professions.
38)  We’re getting closer to figuring out this whole ROI thing.
39)  Foursquare Day is April 16 (think about it). And it was started by a fan.
40)  Brands don’t always have to create; they can curate.
41)  Organizations like Kiva, (RED), and CharityWater keep finding ways to use social media to improve lives.
42)  Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube. Whether or not you like him, accept that the kid’s ridiculously talented.
43)  We have events like the Suxorz to prevent us from staying too full of ourselves. Even if the event’s during Social Media Week, nominees come in all year long.
44)  Super Bowl comments jumped nearly sevenfold in a single year.
45)  There will be more Tim Tebows and Jeremy Lins.
46)  Some people do care about what their friends are eating.
47)  We’re exposed to more cute animals than we ever were before. That has to elevate our moods enough to reduce healthcare expenditures.
48)  Craigslist, breaking every design rule there is, remains a top 25 website.
49)  The sites ranking higher than Craigslist include strictly social sites Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Wordpress, Answers, Blogspot, Blogger, LinkedIn, and Tumblr, along with socially driven properties like YouTube and Huffington Post.
50)  LinkedIn has proved that social media services can be successful even if they don’t depend entirely on advertising.
51)  “Social has no regard for silos, business units, or geographies. It transcends all of those. The question then isn’t ‘How does social media fit into my organization?’ The question is, ‘How do we adapt our organization’s realities to the realities of social media?’” – Jeremy Epstein
52)  Try going a week without social media.

At Studio Blue Creative, we understand the role of social media in keeping your business and your website relevant. Check out our portfolio of site designs and contact us today to help you create the website that best highlights your business, and to immediately begin maximizing your presence on the web through social media marketing!

Business Growth through Smart Social Media Marketing with SBC


The incredible impact that social media marketing can have on your business cannot be exaggerated. People of all ages, cultures, races, religions, tastes, and consumer needs are united by the connections made on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Taking your marketing strategy to this profitable level will not only grow your business, but helps to build a devoted customer base. Studio Blue Creative strives to provide you with innovative and creative websites that are regularly updated and posted on the social media sites of your choice so that your business is connected to the freeway of consumers that make up the information superhighway.

In her article "The High-Level Business Impact of Social Media," Billie Nordmeyer of Demand Media discusses how smart business people use social media to improve communication and understanding between the business, its customers, and its stakeholders. She writes:

"A study conducted by the Altimeter Group indicated that companies use social media to accomplish various business objectives, such as increasing annual sales growth. Small businesses recognize the benefit of social media as a communication platform that facilitates two-way communication between a company and its stakeholders. This supports company processes and objectives including customer relationship management, market research, customer base expansion and customer retention, product marketing, cost control initiatives, public relations, sales and recruiting.

Customer Relationship Management
Tom Funk writes in “Social Media Playbook for Business: Reaching Your Online Community with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and More" that the principle advantage of a social media program is the opportunity to strengthen the relationship between a company and its customers. Through real-time online connections with existing and potential customers, a company conveys information regarding its brand. In turn, the company might benefit from positive word-of-mouth that is exponentially broadcast across a social network. Funk states that the greater the frequency and degree of engagement, the stronger the relationships become and the greater the impact of the relationships on sales, customer satisfaction and product reputation.

Customer Retention
Funk writes that 67 percent of Twitter users who become followers of a brand are more likely to buy the brand's products. This sales result is due in part to a company's use of social media to convey brand values, create positive word of mouth and enforce the connection between the company and its customers. These enhance a company's efforts to build customer loyalty.

Expansion of Customer Base
According to Funk, companies reach new customers through the conveyance of the corporate message on a social media channel, the broadcast of positive customer feedback regarding the corporate message and its products to some of the 100 million Twitter users and 500 million Facebook users, and the conversion of the feedback to product purchases. The broadcast of such third-party endorsements complement such traditional marketing efforts such as print and broadcast advertisements.

Market Research
Stephen Rappaport writes in "Listen First: Turning Social Media Conversations into Business Advantage" that social media is a reliable means to explore the culture, views and lifestyles that influence consumer behavior. The social media arena is a means to profile a target audience to develop marketing and advertising strategies. Social media conversations also alert companies to issues that may negatively affect current market opportunities.

Product Marketing
A product can be directly marketed to the consumer using social media. Such marketing amplifies messages that are conveyed by other product promotions, including website advertisements and press releases.

Achievement of Competitive Advantage
Funk states that 80 percent of Fortune 100 companies are active in one or more social media channels, such as Twitter. The ability to listen to a competitor's message enables a company to develop business strategies and tactics that directly counter that competitor's initiatives. This helps your company to gain a competitive advantage. For example, data transmitted by McDonald's regarding future franchise locations is a key criterion used by Burger King in the selection of its franchise locations. This gives Burger King a cost advantage in terms of saving market research expenses.

Cost Control Initiatives
A reliance on relatively low-cost social media channels to market products to millions of consumers supports a company's efforts to control costs of essential functions, including sales, marketing and customer service. For example, a company can maximize its return on marketing dollars by relying on social media to reach some customers rather than higher cost television advertisements.

Public Relations
Corporate news can be conveyed to an audience in real time using multiple social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. According to Funk, a legal or investor relations department relies on multiple social media channels to improve audience engagement, which is key to the success of efforts to control bad news that can "go viral" or be quickly disseminated to a large number of social media participants once the news emerges.

Funk states that sales can be increased by adding social media functions to corporate websites. For example, customer product ratings, "fan" and "email friend" options serve as ways to engage website users. This leads to user and company engagement that contribute to increased product sales.

In "Social Media for Business: 101 Ways to Grow Your Business Without Wasting Your Time," Susan Sweeney writes that the social media platform is a cost-effective way to directly reach potential employees in that four out of five online Americans participate in a form of social media each month. Such a program also is a means to determine if a recruiting program resonates with potential employees through the feedback the company acquires regarding such items as the positions advertised and the recruitment program itself."

Nordmeyer's sampling of advice and facts from business experts highlights social media marketing as a fabulous way to increase your SEO (search engine optimization) while growing your customer base and commercial impact. Contact us today and let Studio Blue Creative help you rocket your business into the growth and recognition trend you need to stay competitive!

Content Management Systems and Your Site


What's a content management system (CMS)?

A content management system is software that keeps track of every piece of content on your Web site, much like your local public library keeps track of books and stores them. Content can be simple text, photos, music, video, documents, or just about anything you can think of. A major advantage of using a CMS is that it requires almost no technical skill or knowledge to manage. Since the CMS manages all your content, you don't have to.

What's Joomla?

Joomla is an award-winning content management system (CMS), which enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications. Many aspects, including its ease-of-use and extensibility, have made Joomla the most popular Web site software available. Best of all, Joomla is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.

Why Joomla?

So what does Joomla! offer?

Once your Joomla! site is up and running, anyone with basic word processing skills can update it by adding content, managing images and keeping company-critical data up-to-date via a simple, browser-based interface. And because it's free and easy to use, you can focus your resources on the bit that really matters - the content.

Here are some of the core features of Joomla!


  • Joomla! is absolutely free.

Ease of Use

  • Efficient control of users, links, content and files;
  • Search engine friendly URLs;
  • Image Resizing;
  • Prototyping;
  • The ability to choose your WYSIWYG Editor.


  • Content Syndication (RSS) enabling the incorporation of news bullteins;
  • User Profiling;
  • Blog;
  • Picture Galleries;
  • Contact Management;
  • FAQ Management;
  • Banner Management;
  • Document Management;
  • Mail Form;
  • Calendar;
  • Polls;
  • Built-in search facility;
  • Search Engine visibility is easily controllable;
  • Data manager for uploading and administering information;
  • Archiving facility, enabling the re-use of content;
  • Publication of content in printable, pdf or email format;
  • Simple workflow system;
  • Multilingual frontend;
  • User Contributions.

Management & Performance

  • Content Scheduling;
  • Simple and expandable template and component system;
  • On-line Administration;
  • Asset Management;
  • Simple web Statistics;
  • Caching mechanism that speeds up the site's operation.


  • Content Approval;
  • Email Verification and protection from spam robots;
  • Login History;
  • Session Management;
  • Versioning;
  • Hierarchical user groups.


  • Commercial Support, including Training;
  • Large developer Community;
  • Online Help;
  • Public Forum;
  • Third-Party Developers.

Studio Blue Creative offers this effective and efficient content management system for your site, so you can be assured of the most relevance and innovation for your content as well as an increase in your SEO. Check out our website portfolio, and contact us today to get started!

Websites Bolster your Growth and Profitability


 A certain number of business owners might think that since their company only consists of an employee or two, they really have no need for an online presence. Other companies may not even want to sell their products online. What one factor does every one of these businesses have in common? Contrary to popular belief, they could all reap the benefits of having an online business.

If you think maybe your company is too small to require a website, think again. Even a small business run by just one person will benefit from an online presence. The more people you market your products and services to, the more profits you may well make. Without a web presence, you are losing out on valuable customers.

As with large corporations, small businesses require customers to be able to make money. When you don't have a website, you are losing sales to other companies that provide a product or service comparable to yours. Sure setting up a website will take some time but it will be well worth the money. Also, it ' s a piece of cake to distribute information including common questions, contact information, and product information. You don ' t have to constantly deal with prospective customers while they still find out the information they need.

There are several small companies these days that make the majority of their income from online sales. Your small business could very well be one of those companies in the future. Why don't you make the effort today to discover how budget-friendly a website for your business is? When someone learns about your business they pay attention to contact information a lot more than you might think. You can have a professional-looking website that gives your company online credibility.

How your site looks to the public is almost as important as the products and solutions you offer. Even companies that do not wish to sell online or those who feel their products would be challenging to market online can still reap the benefits of a professionally designed site. First of all, there are not too many products today that aren't being sold online. Because of the emergence of bidding sites like eBay, even larger items which include automobiles and real estate are being sold. Ecommerce oftentimes happens to be the way to do business. With your own site, you can begin cashing in on some of this online revenue.

Businesses who don't choose to sell online may feel a website is a complete waste of time and money. However, this couldn't be farther from the truth. All businesses can reap some benefits from Internet marketing even if they do not sell online. By having a professional looking site, you are making your available products or services known to the public. Just because shoppers cannot use their charge card to buy online through your company, many will still be willing to contact you when you present your products in a professional manner.

By giving out your company contact info such as email, fax, phone number, and physical address, potential customers have many ways through which to contact you. It will always be a wise idea to list your street address even for individuals that are located out of state or in a different country. When people see this it often makes them feel more secure about ordering from you. Once customers have got into contact with you about purchases, then you're able to make payment arrangements for products. You might wish to receive checks by mail or take their credit card information over the phone to process orders. Some customers might even be within driving distance of your business.

By having a website, you have made your existence known to customers both locally and across the country. No matter what your type of business, a website will increase customer revenue. At Studio Blue Creative, we focus on helping you to have the most effective, efficient website for your business so that your growth and potential profits are limitless.  View our web design portfolio and contact us today to get started!

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