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Choose Digital Content Marketing


choose to winDigital marketing is the key to saving your company.

Everybody on the planet, it seems, is talking about the elections and politics and the economy. The dollar is down and the european banks are in trouble.  The constant media blitz on the econy has business owner scrambling and asking "How does all of this effect my business?" 

Got you scared?  Not us here at Studio Blue Creative.  We understand that the economy is a huge factor in the way business owners spend their money, but we also understand which markets are growing even in this down economy. 

Understanding which vertical markets are viable in a down economy is crucial to your well being as a business owner.  Knowing where to spend your advertising dollars and get the most bang for your buck can make a tremendous difference.

Vertical Loop in the UK reports that Facebook and other digital marketing techniques will overtake traditional advertising.  "A report released by a market research company, Mintel, has revealed that by 2013, digital marketing techniques "like Facebook marketing "will have overtaken their more traditional counterparts.


Mintel ' s report 'which was published by the Association of Publishing Agencies (APA)' also revealed that currently, 37 per cent of APA members rely upon digital content marketing.

What ' s more, there are now 46 publications that were created specifically for smartphones, mobile phones and tablets; showing just how popular digital content has become"

Stop trying to understand the government and understand what governs your business.  Targeted marketing is the key to your success.  Marketing today is moving to the digital realm because of the massive amounts of clients that can be reached through Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and the likes. 

So instead of looking for excuses on why you should hang on to your hard earned dollar, Choose to Win.  Grow your company by understanding the market you are in and attacking it with a strong campaign of social media marketing and the other digital services available to you. 

Pinterest is Viral


We posted earlier on the subject of Pinterest and the virility of it.  It is viral. Pinterest is VERY Viral.  Recently   we built a website for and a friend of ours began pinning the images from feleciabella on Pinterest. Then it started.   FeleciaBella's pins began to get repinned and now our friend tells us that she is averaging 2 repins per day, everyday, just on Felecia Bella's items!  

Now keep in mind that sells a very niche market of cowgirl boots and our friend only pinned 15 pictures.


For a little more validity on PInterest and its growing success see below:



Pinterest is now the third largest social network. It's ahead of both Linkedin and Google+, as measured by number of users, according to a new report from Experian. Its rapid success has led to a proliferation of clones. Will any of them come anywhere close to garnering the same attention? If they do, it won’t be because they just copycatted Pinterest, it will be because they understood and integrated the same formula for success. Let’s take a closer look at 6 key factors driving the success of one of today’s largest social networks:

1) Continuous Involvement – Most social networks have you create a profile and once you’re done filling out your basic sign-up data that’s literally the end of the engagement process. The signup process at Pinterest is just that and then the real fun begins.

2) Self Expression – On the surface Pinterest appears to be just about pining individual pictures to boards. However, this is one case where the sum is greater than the parts. Your complete collection of boards and pins can effectively highlight an individual’s tastes and style all in one web page. The information conveyed about your personality by your Pinterest profile is a leap ahead of the text based information that other social networks compile when it comes to actually capturing some essence of your character.  

3) Social Feedback Loop – Pinterest creates a positive feedback loop where if you post something great it can easily go viral. Short of going viral a few repins or likes can be satisfying and rewarding enough to keep most users going. Communication is kept to a minimum and as a result users feel safe that they can broadcast content without fear of criticism. If you’re the kind of person who feels uncomfortable posting updates to friends then Pinterest might work for you as it feels more like it’s about individual expression then social broadcasting.  

4) Passive Creation – People have a natural drive to towards creating and modifying their environments. The great thing about Pinterest is that it rewards us with the feeling of being creative but does not require us to actually do much work. Jon Crowley the Digital Strategist at Klick Health commented on Quora that “It’s successful because it feels like you're being creative, without the related effort.”

5) Visual Engagement - Image and video on other networks like Facebook have always shown higher degrees of interaction then text status updates. Pinterest picks up on this important fact and the platform is basically just the visual element.

6) Great for Marketing – Attracting people looking to promote themselves is always a great marketing strategy. Pinterest makes it easy for marketers to get attention by posting compelling content that ties back to the brand and can result in direct traffic. While we find some spam on Pinterest most marketers have great boards. In general, marketers can be valuable members in a community if there activities can be structured to create value for everyone and Pinterest has largely been successful on this front.

If you are in need of a social media campaign that incorporates all of the popular social networks, we can help.  Just contact us in the form on the right of this article.

Project- Felecia Bella


The simple and clean design of some websites just takes your breath away.  When we began working with Felecia Bella on their new project, we were all excited to get started.  We were tasked with developing a website that both captured the attention of the customers and held that attention so they would choose an item to buy.  Our photographer, Bobby Johnson,  with the help of others shot for 9 hours to get what Felecia wanted.  We developed the site over a 2 week period and edited the photos as well.  Develop of a similar project would normally take 2 months but we burned the midnight oil to make her happy.



Studio Blue Creative worked with the employees at Felecia Bella to develop a usable system for data submission and photo changes that was simple to do and quick.  The inventory process for them was ever changing and working through this part of the process to get them happy was pivital to the success of the project.


Ribbon Cutting in Jackson Tn


For Immediate Release

Ribbon Cutting for five new companies in Jackson TN

studioblue ribbon cutting

They did it again! The Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce out did themselves with their recent ribbon cutting ceremonies held at the chamber office Tuesday, June 19th. Five new businesses in the Jackson area celebrated their future success with information, food, door prizes, and shared optimism. The team at Studio Blue Creative, Inc. was on hand to celebrate the newly formed corporation. The company has been in existence since 2004, but has recently expanded its territory to include Mississippi, Kentucky, and even clients in Texas.  Team members include Bobby Johnson (CEO/prime architect), Paul Reed (National Sales Director), Nicki Parris (Treasurer/HR), Lori Sharp (Sales Rep), Jay Brown (Sales Rep), and Ashleigh Lindsey (Graphic designer/Sales). Studio Blue Creative offers web based marketing management which includes web design, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media management, Google local ad management, and email ad campaigns. One lucky attendant won a one year free Google local ad campaign. You can find out more about this company by visiting their website at

Also in attendance were the new owners of Touching Hearts At Home, Steve and Donna Smith. This franchise location began earlier this year helping seniors live independently at home. They provide light housekeeping, meal preparation, transportation, companionship, medication reminders, memory care, and personal hygiene assistance. An invaluable service that helps our senior population live long healthy lives in the safety and comfort of their own homes, this is a company to love. Learn more about the services from the great people at Touching Hearts At Home by visiting their website at
The representatives of InSouth Bank were celebrating the ribbon cutting for their company. InSouth Bank has three locations in Brownsville, TN serving many customers in the Jackson Area with hopes of bringing a branch to Jackson in the future. Jo Anne Finne (Vice President) and Brannon Williams (Vice President) were there to thank the people of Jackson for the support and success of the company with door prizes, cookies, and goodies of all kinds. Visit to find out more about this bank and the best interest rates around.
United Healthcare was on hand to celebrate their increased presence in the Jackson area with health and community outreach programs provided by their national office. Locally, this program helps provide guidance for local TennCare patients and community members with free health information and guidance. They partner with school programs and community event leaders to get the word out about their free services. Learn more by visiting
And last but certainly not least, the owners of the Hart Guild were there to shine. Founder, Natasha Hart, explained that their mission was to support the visual arts in Jackson through community outreach and school sponsorships. Providing art activities and positive alternatives for young students and teens to express themselves and display their talents. They are currently partnered with Parkway Middle School and hope to partner with more schools in the coming year. Learn more about the exciting events and ways to support this worthy organization by going to

As we Grow


HarvestMoonE13thStAmes300I know it is early in the summer but I felt the need to tell you a little story about the harvest.  I was listening to Jason Aldean this morning and found this image of a harvest moon on the Gotham City News

Now when I was much younger my father explained the harvest moon to me.  He told me that when the sun would go down the harvest moon would provide much needed light to get the harvest out of the fields.  The farmers would be able to work later and get the crops out with the help of the harvest moon.

Of course now the farmers, through new technology like GPS and halogen light systems are able to work without needing the harvest moon.  These advancements in technology allow for the higher yields from a single field.  You see farmers understand that without the agricultural advancements they would be out of business.  They were able to adapt and change with the rise of agricultural technology.  Technology is not the enemy.

Have you adapted and changed with the times?  Ask yourself if your business looks like you envisioned it when you started.  Is it as shiny or sharp as you saw it?  Now ask yourself if you didn't have a brick and morter store and your website was your only source of income, would you make it?  Would you be able to compete against your local competition, what about your regional competitors?


As we grow, learn to embrace the technology around you.  Your competition is.


If you would like to learn how we can help, fill out the contact form on the right and grow your business smarter.

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