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    CMS Personal Training

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    E-Commerce Solutions

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    Responsive Designs Available

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Web Design and Marketing in Jackson TN



Studio Blue Creative web design Jackson offers customized, high-end web design and programming for businesses throughout the US and around the world. We specialize in web design and graphic design, Content Management Systems (CMS), online carts and Flash (or Javascript) animation. Studio Blue Creative web design can take your website to the next level with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for increased visiblity and ranking on search engines. We also offer logo design, brochure design and printing. 

The Studio Blue Creative web design Approach

Studio Blue Creative web design Jackson offers a simplified approach to website development, where visitors find what they need quickly. One of the major advantages of working with Studio Blue Creative is the ability to work one-on-one with Jackson based web designers, website programmers and graphic designers. We save you time (and money) by responding quickly to questions regarding your website and graphic design projects.

Full Service Web & Graphic Design

Studio Blue Creative web design Jackson offers everything you need to give a fresh look to your business. Whether you want a brochure-style, informational website, a Flash animated website, a customized shopping cart/e-commerce website, a dynamic, CMS database-driven website, or a user-editable website with a blog or forum - our high-end website designs are built to fit exactly what you need.Studio Blue Creative web design offers website and graphic services in Jackson and throughout the country.

Web Design

Studio Blue Creative web design is a full service website and graphic design company. We specialize in providing web services that take your site from concept to reality:

  • Custom Web Site Design
  • Flash or Javascript Animation
  • Custom Shopping Carts
  • Online Payment Terminals
  • Auction Websites
  • Non-Profit/Political Fundraising Websites
  • Dynamic CMS & Database Interaction
  • Editable Websites
  • Membership-based Websites
  • CMS for Multi-Lingual Websites
  • Complex Website Construction
  • Blast/Bulk Email Campaign Management
  • Blog Implementation
  • Forums
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting for Websites
  • SEO

All of our websites meet Web Consortium Standards.

Studio Blue Creative web design offers 15 years experience with custom website design, shopping cart programming, dynamic, database driven programming (including CMS - content management systems), Flash design, blast email campaign management, logo design and brochure design for companies and individuals in the Jackson area and nationwide. Our creative designs and superior customer service for web design, website development and graphic design needs have made Studio Blue Creative web design an essential extension of our clients' marketing teams.


How do I run my website?


It is always in the back of your mind.  Those nagging little questions that have started to rise to the top.  How can I get more customers in the door?  Where is my business going to be in a year?  or five years?  How can I ensure that my business will be here through the recession (or whatever they are calling it these days)?  It is true.  Times are tough but business is business.  Here are a few little pointers that we here at SBC try to do everyday to make it happen.

Be positive in your ventures. 

Expect to win.

Spend just a little extra time with each client you do have.


...and our favorite topic

Ad a new page to your website, I know it might not seem like you are getting anywhere but over time you will gain in the rankings if you continue to grow your site.  Get on your blog and talk about a funny storry that ended in a sale.  get people thinking about you and your company.  If your company has taken a hit lately either financially of emotionally then look to the future and get past it by blogging about how you are looking forward to the busy season. 

Product placement on your website is a critical part of climbing out of the recession and if you are wanting to stay ahead of your competition then we can help.  Oh and if you do not have a web prescence, we would love to talk to you about your web design needs.  Remeber you do not have to battle the big boys if we target the local area.


Thanks for checking us out.

Web Design by

Jackson Tn Web Design


Web Design in Jackson Tn is a great business to be in.  We love being able to make a difference in the companies and organizations that we help with a new website.  Our dedication to the local community has been the difference while building our web design company here in Jackson.  We really love web design and marketing and look forward to a happy and prosperous journey here in the Jackson community.

Web Design for your business



As a small business owner, creating an appealing website is just as important as maintaining the quality of the products and services you offer. Today ' s shoppers are very visual and like to view the image of the product before making a final decision on purchasing it. Businesses that showcase their goods and services on a viewable website are able to attract new customers and lure them into making a purchase. As a business owner, it ' s important to look into your options for professional website design and speak with a professional about the best way to attract your targeted audience.

Web design companies offer a wide variety of options and styles. There are three general options when it comes to a business web design. An information sharing website is generally based on a template and can portray up to six pages. Your company logo will be displayed, along with text about your company and product. A showcase website uses flash based web design services to add a little glitz to your web design and are aesthetically pleasing to the average shopper. These sites can be customized to meet any of your needs. Finally, an e-commerce website allows for your website customers to view products offered and make a purchase over the Internet. These types of websites also allow for inventory control.

If you are looking to create a new site or are seeking website redesign services,why not give Studio Blue Creative the chance to make your web design dreams a reality.  We would love to hear from you.  Please click below to ask a web design question?

Facebook business page confusing you?


It has come to our attention that many of you are a little confused by the difference between a business page and a personal profile.  Recently I was helping a client build his web dranding and social media persona.  During this process he emailed me  to ask when we could get his business facebook setup.  I actually had it setup already, but he couldn't see it on his login because he was not set as an administrator.

To build a business page on Facebook, login to your facebook account and click on create a page. 

you will then be brought to a page that looks sismar in nature to this:

create Facebook business page

Select the appropriate type of page you want, If you are a non-national business select company or local business.

Fill in the info about your company location, administrators, phone, etc. on the next page and then save.

Now here is the trick.

If you want to post as the business, select use facebook as (YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE).  For me that would be "Use facebook as Studio Blue Creative"  After that all of your posts will be as the business. 

You also will want to create a username for you business.  We usually use the name of the business as a username unless you are wanting to promote a specific product(i.e.

To select a username follow the instructions below:

Select Create a username on the edit info page of your business.  Be sure you are happy with your choice because it is where you will be sending people hopefully for a long time.


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