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  • CMS Personal Training
    CMS Personal Training

    Our team of professionals will train your team to use the Content Management System(CMS). 

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    E-Commerce Solutions

    Track your sales, download reports, monitor your entire business from anywhere.

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    Responsive Designs Available

    Responsive designs allow your users to view your website the way you intended.

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  • Targeted Marketing
    Targeted Marketing

    Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are just a few of the tools we use to drive traffic to your site.

Studio Blue Creative: What Can We Do for Your Business?


What can Studio Blue Creative do for you? We can take the work out of internet marketing for you. Why is it so important? Many business owners don’t realize the importance and effectiveness of online selling and marketing will have on their company.

There are 6 Benefits of Internet Marketing that will help your business.
1.    Convenience
-    It is convenient. Internet marketing allows you to service customers around the clock and around the world at any time without worrying about store hours, employee overtime, and more. Online product catalogs allow consumers to browse store items whenever and wherever it is convenient for them from their IPads, phones, and laptops.

2.    Reach
-    Marketing your company on the internet allows you to reach different targeted audiences, overcoming barriers of distance and more. Also allowing you to sell and service without opening other various outlets, thus widening your targeted market.

3.    Cost
-    Consider the cost of a sales person that works for you company now.  Add in overtime for that person if they only worked 80 hours a week.  Got it?  Now consider a 24-hour employee that could sell, answer frequently asked questions and contact you if they needed help. What if that employee was the new go to guy for all your other employees?  What is that worth?

4.    Personalized
-    Personalize pricing and offers to customers based on history and preference. This information also provides data for selling campaigns, SocialCoupon offers and email promotions.

5.    Relationships
-    Just because you don’t see the customers face-to-face, it does not mean that you lose that customer relationship, if anything, you build it. After the customer purchases a product your company can send follow up emails offering coupons, deals, etc.

6.    Social
-    Finally, internet marketing takes full advantage of the importance of social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instragram, etc.

Internet Marketing helps not only your business but your customers as well: when your business is online, it is convenient, easy, and accessible. SBC has the tools to not only make your business innovative and relevant to your customer base, but to also help you grow your business by keeping it at the top of search engines.  Let us do the work for you!  View our website portfolio and contact us today!

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