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Social Media Marketing


Social media has changed the business world. Now marketing a business isn't just about talking to people, it's about talking with people. The one-sided sales pitch is now a multi-directional community conversation. The power to control the brand message has largely been removed from a business' hands.

Social media marketing is all about engagement. It's a business's opportunity to connect with clients and build a long-term customer relationship built on communication and trust. Today, the customer-business power relationship is directed toward the customer, with every individual able to publicly voice concerns and gain attention, as every person is now a media publisher.

As a result, businesses must do their best to keep the conversation positive through their participation. At Studio Blue Creative, we can help a business can promote a message that speaks to its customers, and continues a conversation. Through attentive awareness and genuine dedication, we help you meet your customers' needs.

This is why Social Media Marketing is a powerful and necessary tool for all businesses today. The education and services provided by the professionals at Studio Blue Creative can help a business improve their presence and develop a positive reputation online.

Making Social Media Work for Your Business

A business that is not interacting with clients through social media may be hurting their brand in several ways: the risk of fading away from their customer base's top-of-mind recall; missed opportunities to reach new clients; and falling out of public favor by missing important conversations taking place online. So what's a business to do?

With the help of qualified Social Media experts, a company can optimize their social media presence. Social media marketing is executed through many platforms, with a few of the popular platforms being a blog, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and YouTube. These websites are huge in ranking, and having links back to your website can be helpful.

Before a business engages in any particular platform, research must be put into locating the places where the intended audience is active online, and creating a social media strategy to reach them in relevant spaces. Studio Blue Creative’s services begin with research to identify those social media platforms where participation will produce the greatest pay off

Developing a Social Media Strategy

A local company must tailor Social Media strategies to the individual needs of the business. Take a cupcake bakery, for example. A bakery may do well to optimize their presence in Yelp and invite customers to review their cupcakes and pastries on the social review network. The bakery may also find value in Twitter by tweeting a word of the day that will get the first 10 customers a free cupcake if they come to the shop and say the "magic" word.

In this strategy, Yelp is used as the platform for building up reviews that reflect the brand as an established business with reliable products and services. Yelp has the added benefit for the business because it's a trusted signal for the local map service of Google, the most popular search engine. Meanwhile, Twitter is used to entice people to visit the shop via rewards. Furthermore, Twitter is a conversation driver, encouraging people to become friendly with the brand's representatives and share worthy tweets with their connections.

Facebook has been a very popular method of social engagement for years.  This outlet has changed recently, and become less free-user friendly.  Facebook wants its business customers to gear themselves towards more paid advertising.  There are many strategies that are no cost options but can require more complicated involvement.  Studio Blue Creative can help you master these techniques and keep your social relationships high.

Video is one of the most underused Social Media outlets.  With the advent of high quality smart phones, capturing good quality video content is much easier.  Since YouTube is owned and integrated with Google, the use of this tool is critical.  YouTube has a simple video editing platform, and users can insert titles and musical backgrounds with no training.

Users of Social Media platforms use each differently, and the rules of engagement are largely defined by the users themselves. This is why professionals understand that Social Media services are not one-size-fits-all. The experts at Studio Blue Creative help you navigate a community's expectations and the value of brand presence as you decide how to devote resources to the various platforms. A strategic Social Media Marketing company can help you develop and execute Social Media policy and practices that aid in community outreach, reputation management and brand loyalty for your business.

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