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    CMS Personal Training

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    E-Commerce Solutions

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    Responsive Designs Available

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    I always wanted a website that looked high tech and had the feel of a large national company. I am no longer ashamed to tell people to look at my website. I enjoy the complements.

    EMG Audit

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    Studio Blue Creative blogs for us, and directs all of our Social Media efforts.  They have taken that burden off of us so we can focus on our business.  We are so impressed!

    PICME Aviation

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    We have a new client in McKenzie that we would not have had a chance with had the client's daughter not found us on the Web. She searched & found us. Thanks Studio Blue!

    S Smith

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How do I run my website?


It is always in the back of your mind.  Those nagging little questions that have started to rise to the top.  How can I get more customers in the door?  Where is my business going to be in a year?  or five years?  How can I ensure that my business will be here through the recession (or whatever they are calling it these days)?  It is true.  Times are tough but business is business.  Here are a few little pointers that we here at SBC try to do everyday to make it happen.

Be positive in your ventures. 

Expect to win.

Spend just a little extra time with each client you do have.


...and our favorite topic

Ad a new page to your website, I know it might not seem like you are getting anywhere but over time you will gain in the rankings if you continue to grow your site.  Get on your blog and talk about a funny storry that ended in a sale.  get people thinking about you and your company.  If your company has taken a hit lately either financially of emotionally then look to the future and get past it by blogging about how you are looking forward to the busy season. 

Product placement on your website is a critical part of climbing out of the recession and if you are wanting to stay ahead of your competition then we can help.  Oh and if you do not have a web prescence, we would love to talk to you about your web design needs.  Remeber you do not have to battle the big boys if we target the local area.


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