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EMG Audit
Category: Health
Manufacturer: Studio Blue Creative Services

EMG Audit is an example of a responsive design website.   The client wanted a professional look that could be optimized for any screen the site was being viewed on.

The responsive design orients itself for a PC, Tablet, iPhone or Android so that the site fills the screen space.  This is an advantage because it is not necessary to create a seperate mobile website.

In a nutshell, takes the costly and time-consuming task of creating several different versions of a website -- mobile, desktop, tablet -- and throws it out the window.

Responsive design allows you to create one website that is compatible with any and every digital web device.

 For a free quote on your web design project, contact us here.

HCI Supply
Category: Business
Manufacturer: Studio Blue Creative Services

Studio Blue Creative built the HCI Supply Store, an e-commerce website with almost 100,000 products in its database.

We created an industrial supply store that allowed for national exposure from Jackson, TN.  Some of the features of the website:

  • an integrated eBay store for discontinued parts
  • a fully functional Point-of-Sale system
  • image driven shopping experience
  • multiple search functionality for easy purchase
  • an industry blog with RSS feed
  • multi store location manageability

Studio Blue Creative is capable of meeting all of your e-commerce needs, from a few products to several million.  Contact us here to get started.

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