Political Themes are now ready!!

 political theme


Our political themes are now available for your candidates.  We have a great variety of political web designs to choose from.  If you are in charge of a campaign and need a web presence for your candidate now.  Let us help with your web design.  In most cases, we can have your website online and ready in 10 working days.  We are efficient, detail oriented and dedicated to our client’s  success.  The available political web design themes are here.

Facebook business page confusing you?

It has come to our attention that many of you are a little confused by the difference between a business page and a personal profile.  Recently I was helping a client build his web dranding and social media persona.  During this process he emailed me  to ask when we could get his business facebook setup.  I actually had it setup already, but he couldn’t see it on his login because he was not set as an administrator.

To build a business page on Facebook, login to your facebook account and click on create a page. 

you will then be brought to a page that looks sismar in nature to this:

create Facebook business page

Select the appropriate type of page you want, If you are a non-national business select company or local business.

Fill in the info about your company location, administrators, phone, etc. on the next page and then save.

Now here is the trick.

If you want to post as the business, select use facebook as (YOUR BUSINESS NAME HERE).  For me that would be “Use facebook as Studio Blue Creative”  After that all of your posts will be as the business. 

You also will want to create a username for you business.  We usually use the name of the business as a username unless you are wanting to promote a specific product(i.e. http://facebook.com/cheerios).

To select a username follow the instructions below:

Select Create a username on the edit info page of your business.  Be sure you are happy with your choice because it is where you will be sending people hopefully for a long time.


How will my customers find me on the web?

Studio Blue Creative Web Design understands the value of customers finding your website.  You can have the best website in the world but if no one can find it, is it of value?  The answer is obviously NO!  Our Search Engine Optimization specialists are highly skilled in the art of search engine placement and search engine markating.  We target quality keywords and create natural search engine results that rise to the top of the search engines.  If you are wanting faster results, we can create a search engine marketing plan that fits your budget and drives traffic to your site in seconds.

The cost of building a website?

So it is always the question we get first.  The view we have is skewed because all of us at Studio Blue Creative Web Design came from a web development company or marketing firm that got top dollar for their products.  We on the other hand are not looking to get rich off of you.  We understand the quality you are expecting in your web design and provide web design that stands out from the crowd.  Our web design is of equal quality to those firms we came from but for a fraction of the cost.  Our clients understand that we have their best interest at heart and even though we are not charging them an arm and a leg for their web design, they love the results.  Our philosophy is simple.  Build what the client asks for and charge as little as possible.  Call us today at 731-616-0090 or 731-402-0402 to talk about what you are interested in creating.

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Web Design & Development


Today, websites are a driving force for just about any business. At Studio Blue Creative, we believe that not only should they be engaging, impressive, and user-friendly, they should be the hardest working tool possible for our clients. Our creative, strategic, and interactive teams imagine and develop websites that enhance our clients ‘ brands, act as their #1 sales tool, drive down operational costs and accelerate business growth.

We take the view from 36,000 ft, approaching each website as a key component of a fuly integrated marketing program. Each element has synergy and increases the efficiency of every other and optimizes the productivity of the whole.

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Social Media Marketing


As Social Media Marketing evolves, we ‘ re helping to keep our clients ‘ marketing efforts ahead of the competitive curve by understanding your social media goals and how they tie into your company ‘ s aspirations. By choosing the correct channel to converse directly with your audience, we can develop lasting relationships that turn occasional customers into lifelong brand supporters.




The promise of an experience is what gives definition to a brand. Logos are a vital identifier that consumers associate with your organization and its products and services.

Through exceptional design, a carefully structured graphic standards program will ensure that the integrity of your brand is maintained throughout every application (i.e. collateral, advertising, online, signage, transportation, promotional items, and more). 

Your logo will reflect the proper culture and quality of your brand.

Logos must work well in a multitude of applications beyond the standard brochure, advertising and website uses. It must also work on clothing, signage, transportation, gift items, and more.