HarvestMoonE13thStAmes300I know it is early in the summer but I felt the need to tell you a little story about the harvest.  I was listening to Jason Aldean this morning and found this image of a harvest moon on the Gotham City News

Now when I was much younger my father explained the harvest moon to me.  He told me that when the sun would go down the harvest moon would provide much needed light to get the harvest out of the fields.  The farmers would be able to work later and get the crops out with the help of the harvest moon.

Of course now the farmers, through new technology like GPS and halogen light systems are able to work without needing the harvest moon.  These advancements in technology allow for the higher yields from a single field.  You see farmers understand that without the agricultural advancements they would be out of business.  They were able to adapt and change with the rise of agricultural technology.  Technology is not the enemy.

Have you adapted and changed with the times?  Ask yourself if your business looks like you envisioned it when you started.  Is it as shiny or sharp as you saw it?  Now ask yourself if you didn’t have a brick and morter store and your website was your only source of income, would you make it?  Would you be able to compete against your local competition, what about your regional competitors?


As we grow, learn to embrace the technology around you.  Your competition is.


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