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We design branding and communications that make values and strategy tangible.

“Most consultants I’ve worked with in my almost 10 years, provided very little value for the dollar, but Studio Blue provided a tangible set of products that helped us project the best of what we’re about. They are extremely thoughtful in their process, and brought visual expertise as well as a librarian’s sense of information, which shone through for us because of the volume of complex content on our site.”


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Our Client's Experience

Tennessee Wildlife Federation came to Studio Blue with the ambitious goal of strengthening our large organization by developing a registration system that consolidates, engages multiple audiences, and unites our athletes and coaches in one system. Their team embraced our complexity and helped make sense of it to craft an invaluable resource for the athletes and teams we serve which helps drive our advocacy and fundraising.

Andrew Peercy, Tennessee Scholastic Clay Target Program Manager

How We Can Help

Logo & Identity Design

Establish a strong visual foundation for your with an iconic identity, design system , and guidelines that ensures that you stand out.

Communications Design

Create cohesive brand experiences with comprehensive communications design that drives audience engagement online, in print, and in person.

Annual Reports & Research Reports

Tell your story, deliver evidence-based insights, and provide valuable insights with reports that are as exceptional as the ideas and expertise they’re built on.

Infographics & Data Visualization

Transform your nonprofit’s data and information into beautiful content and engaging experiences that focus on facts and make your ideas moreaccessible.

Fundraising Communications Design

Make the case for support with compelling communications that are a call-to-action and create a connection between giving and impact.

Social Media Design Systems

Rise above the din of the crowd and maintain a relevant presence in people’s social media feeds with a playbook for producing visually-distinctive posts.

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