listenWe hear that all the time.  But, do we really HEAR it.

Most customers walk into a store like Wal-mart and have a list of items they “need”.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you had that kind of customer attraction to your store?

Well I beleive there is a best-practice of selling system that you can teach yourself and your staff that will create the customer attraction you seek.  It is subtle and can be tried with out changing too much in the beginning.

Try this.

Everytime a new customer comes in, instead of finding out how you can help them find out who they are first. “Hi, I’m Bobby” and hold out your hand.  Instinctively, they will shake your hand and tell you their name.  Repeat there name when they say it.  “Hi Mary! Now how can we help you today?” or “So what brings you to the Bike Shop today, Mary?”

This instantly gives them a feeling that your store is a down home, friendly place to shop. Not your big department store whether you have as many products on the shelf or not.

You are not finished with that feel good stuff yet.

When you help them, really listen to what they are saying.  This takes time and effort to accomplish in this world of run, run, run. But it will grow your customer base.  Try to find something memorable about each and every customer. Your kid and their kid have the same interst in soccer, you go to the same church …. something.

Now comes the hard part.

Remember Mary.  Remember that Mary has a son that just blew a front bike tire last week when he ran over a nail.

Mary will tell all hers friends about Bobby at the Bike shop that took care of the flat.   Mary will grow your customer base in the best manner known to man, word of mouth

The reason you listen to Mary is because her friends do.

Good luck,