It has long been the belief of many business owners that in order to build a great internet business you need traffic.  That is a no brainer.  Traffic can come from many different venues including the search engines, youtube, facebook and the other social networks even from email blasts.

So let’s say you start a wonderful marketing campaign with email blasts and a new website or a new product released and you get a great response from it and the users just flock to your website.  Great right?  Not if they are there for the wrong reasons.  What if they see your site and then leave?  What now?  You got them to the site what went wrong?

Well the most likely problem has something to do with the audience not the website.  If potential customers show up to your site for the wrong reason or are searching for something close to what you offer then they will just leave. 

The solution to this problem is technique called targeting your marketing.  If this sounds like I am talking down to you please remember that this is the key to a strong profit from any marketing campaign.  For instance, if I am selling web design in Tupelo Ms and I use a keyword phrase such as “development in Tupelo”.  The likelihood of me getting users looking for construction companies from Tupelo is very high.  Target your marketing. Use a laser pointer to spell out exactly what it is you are promoting.  Do not fear a low response number.  If your receive quality respondents that are looking for your new product then you have done a great job marketing the product and will convert more users to customers.

Remember marketing for shear awareness of your presence is a very expensive endeavor and will not guarantee ANY conversion, but targeted marketing is far less costly and delivers desired results every time.