mobile appsCreating a mobile strategy should always begin with thinking about the basics: who, what, why and how. Sometimes it’s not always clear how business teams and IT groups can work together to drive a company’s mobile strategy, so we help by asking the right questions:

  1. People– who in the organization would benefit most from mobile technology?
  2. Applications – what business processes and user activities are the best candidates for mobile enablement?
  3. Devices – why should the organization sanction the use of specific mobile devices versus company-owned or employee-owned (BYOD) devices?
  4. Security and Management – how will the company secure, protect and manage corporate assets and sensitive information?

Mobile App Development

Our experts can quickly and cost-effectively build mobile applications and web services on today’s most prevalent platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android and HTML5. We’ve invested in a portfolio of project accelerators that quickly get core features and basic plumbing out of the way. We’re also continuously innovating with industry-specific mobile frameworks for verticals such as Insurance, Energy and Utilities and others.

  • Design – we believe the best mobile design comes from experience, which is why shrinking enterprise apps down to a mobile screen just doesn’t work.
  • Develop – we have the breadth to build the entire mobile ecosystem including infrastructure, web services, systems integration and disciplined project delivery methodology.
  • Deploy – whether it’s apps stores, over-the-air installation or device configuration and deployment, we can help. We can even set up a company’s own Enterprise Apps Store.

Mobile Support and Management

We understand that building mobile applications is just the first step in a successful deployment, so we offer technical support and operations services from our Solution Centers in Jackson TN.

  • Technical Support – from regression testing new mobile handsets to resolving bugs introduced by new operating system updates, we’ll partner to create a reliable service level for support.
  • Mobile Apps Management – we know that delivery, security, updates, reporting and other services are important. Since most companies are not in the phone business, we can take care of it.

Knowledge Transfer

Some of our clients want a partner that covers all the bases, while other clients want a partner to help get their team in the game. We can get the organization equipped and ready for design, development, support or any other aspect of the client’s mobile strategy and operating model.

    • Train – how many of us learned to write great software by reading a book? The best training is hands-on, so we’ll spend as many days, weeks or months as it takes for the team to feel ready.
    • Mentor – once the team understands the basics of mobile apps development and architecture, we’ll be available to offer onsite or remote support and advice.
    • Move  – while it makes sense to host the mobile infrastructure and apps with Studio Blue Creative, we also understand a company might prefer to manage this in-house. Our infrastructure experts will work with the team to migrate everything seamlessly onto company infrastructure.