The simple and clean design of some websites just takes your breath away.  When we began working with Felecia Bella on their new project, we were all excited to get started.  We were tasked with developing a website that both captured the attention of the customers and held that attention so they would choose an item to buy.  Our photographer, Bobby Johnson,  with the help of others shot for 9 hours to get what Felecia wanted.  We developed the site over a 2 week period and edited the photos as well.  Develop of a similar project would normally take 2 months but we burned the midnight oil to make her happy.



Studio Blue Creative worked with the employees at Felecia Bella to develop a usable system for data submission and photo changes that was simple to do and quick.  The inventory process for them was ever changing and working through this part of the process to get them happy was pivital to the success of the project.