What We Offer

Building a website shouldn’t be hard for you.  Our team loves to take the burden off of your shoulders and create your dream. 

With over 15 years of experience in development solving difficult tasks becomes a snap.  Let us create elegant solutions based on your requirements.

We always work very hard to find out exactly what you are wanting and needing in the early stages of our consults.

Digital marketing is promoting  through digital channels, for example, web sites, online media, email, and mobile applications. 

We strive to promote and influence your clients while strengthening their view of your overall brand equity through a multi-stage strategy.

We promote your brand and products on multiple social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter etc, The goals should be set and measurable with a complete understanding of the process.

Frequently Asked Question

We can design and develop your website, logo and complete brand if you need us to do so.  We are here to help you with as much or as little as your company needs.

Yes.  Our team is comprised of many developers and designers from all walks of life.  We select the best suited designers and developers for your specific project.  

Most of the designers and developers work in eastern or central standard time. So you will be able to reach us during those normal business hours.

Your specific project and requirements will, of course, dictate the amount of time we will need to devote to your solution.  We are able to devote more developers and designers to projects that request quicker turn arounds.

If we do not hear from you within a day or two of the requested feedback times, we will assume you do not want to make changes and continue with the project as is.  Later change requests will be handled and we will gladly give you a quote for them.

This will be spelled out in detail in your contract but in general we will need any photos or logos you would like us to start with.  We also would like to hear whether on not you have a preference for a color scheme etc.

Planning and constant feedback are the key to creating exactly what you want.  Developing your dream is our goal and we are happy to adjust as we go along to best meet your needs.

Simply reach out to us and start a conversation.  There is no cost for this consult and we can see if we are a good fit for each other.

Development is like building a house.  The bigger the square footage the bigger the cost.  If you only need a small cottage of course that will cost less than a 3 story home on the lake.  It is the same with us.  We will make sure you completely understand the time and cost involved before we begin development.

Absolutely, in fact one of our most popular plans is the monthly plan for SEO, SMM and a new site.  Call us today to find out more at 731-402-0402.

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Let Studio Blue Creative do a deep dive on your current digital footprint and show you where we can improve your brand equity.