So, It’s march 9, 2012.  I am 44 today.  Man where did it go?  I have lived a pretty wild life.  I am well travelled within the states and a few surrounding countries.  I have been a football hero, a leader and a follower, a soldier, a salesman, a developer, a manager, and  a husband to 2 and a father of 5.  I have been told that I was never what I needed to be and exactly what I was suppose to be.  I have stood in the fields of war and laid in a bed of roses.  When all the sticks and stones started breaking my spirit, you were there.  When others turned against me and screamed the words we dread hearing, you were there to pick up the pieces.  When my friends became my enemies, you stood beside me and waved our flag of courage.  You still stand beside me today, through it all.  So thank you so much for your friendship, your love, your understanding and kindness even when I didn’t deserve it.

To my family (real and extended)