image-lodgingmainHi Folks! We here at Studio Blue Creative have had a wicked fun Memorial Day Weekend!!  We spent most of it on the lake watching the boats and sun touched people.  If you were on Kentucky Lake off of Paris Landing we were the crew doing the extreme tubing and having a blast.  We had a great time and had to break some kind of record for the longest continuous tubing session on record!!!

I have to admit that our sales director, Paul Reed, had to have the longest ride and showed the young bucks how it was done.  He was doing stunts on the tube and finally lost it during a double flip with a half ganer!!  Just kidding…. he flipped off trying to stand on the tube.  No one else even attempted to stand.

It just goes to show that we are willing to go the distance to take on the impossible and we are conquering the issues that other firms are shying away from.  We stand on solid ground and strive to support our clients with high quality solutions for everyday problems.  We push for the greatest results and support our clients in their goals.

Check us out, we are fun, informed and client oriented!