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Is your website helping your business?


Have ever felt like you website wasn't doing you any good?  Is you website helping your business or hurting it? 

Here is are some questions to consider when reviewing your website productivity:

  • When was the last time you recieved a contact from your website?
  • Is your website EASILY viewable on a mobile device?
  • Was you site built in the last 2 years?
  • Does your website have bad information on it? (i.e. wrong contact info etc.)
  • Here is the hard one. When did you last update the content of your website?
  • When you post to your website do you have to then go to all the social media outlets and post the same article again?

If you answered are not getting the response you would like from your website, Studio Blue can help.  We design SEO and social friendly responsive websites.  All of our sites come with a Content Management System so that you can change any content needed when you want.


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How Does a Content Management System Reduce My Costs?


How Does a Content Management System Save You Time and Money?

A content management system allows you to easily update your website without having to know programming languages. The system can be integrated with your current website, or used to build a new website, to give you complete control of making updates, saving you a significant amount of time and money.

Making updates to your site without a content management system is a very inefficient process:

1. First you write the text for the pages that you want updated.

2. Then you have to write and email instructions to a programmer to make those updates.

3. Next you have to check the status of the updates and make sure they were done properly.

4. After approving the updates you then have to pay the programmer for the time spent on making the updates.

Using a content management system eliminates steps 2 through 4. All you have to do is login to your website, write your text, click publish, and the task is complete.

As you can tell from the process, updating the website yourself is actually quicker than getting a programmer to make the updates. In the same amount of time it takes you to write and email the instructions, you can make the update and post it live on the internet yourself.

The benefits of using a content management system are clear:

No more writing instructions, no more checking to see if the programmer followed your instructions, no more payments to the programmer for small website maintenance tasks.

The Step by Step Process of Using a Content Management System

After your content management system has been integrated with your website, you will receive a username, a password, and a login link to an administration system for updating your website.

First, login to the administration system where you will be given multiple options to update your website, such as 'editing existing pages or 'creating new pages.

Click on the page of your website you wish to edit and click the 'edit button. The screen will take you to a web page editor that looks and functions similar to Microsoft Word®.

Simply type in your text and click a button that says 'publish and your web page is automatically updated in seconds.

You can literally update a page of your website in less than a minute!

Short Learning Curve with an Immediate Return on Your Investment

It takes the average person approximately 15 to 30 minutes to learn the basics of creating and editing content in our CMS. This means that for an investment of a little time, you can save the hours of time that it takes to write instructions to a programmer and supervise the quality of the programmer's updates.

Get started today!

Responsive Design: The Death to Mobile?


responsive design on many platformsDid you know that mobile search makes up about 15% of all Google searches, and that number is increasing daily?

You may think your business would benefit from a mobile website, but you might find yourself wondering what technology you should use to accomplish this. Many businesses often cram their
 content into a mobile version of their desktop website, but newer technology is already making the mobile website obsolete.

We at Studio Blue Creative have a different answer.

It’s time to embrace a new technology: responsive web design.

Responsive web design allows a website to adapt its size and layout to the device on which it is being viewed. Responsive web design can be more costly than traditional web design, but for those businesses that would like to have a mobile-friendly website, a responsive website is well worth the investment.

Simplicity of maintaining one website: less is more

Who said that two is better than one? Trying to maintain two websites at once can lead to mistakes and mismatched information when updating your websites. Instead of spending time and money maintaining both your desktop-friendly website and your mobile-friendly website, invest those resources into building and maintaining one responsive website.

Better user experience: make it easy to see your business as relevant

Responsive sites are user-friendly. Unlike mobile websites, there is no redirect from the original URL to a mobile URL, adding load time and frustrating users who simply want their page to load. Responsive sites are also easier to share across different devices without worrying about the device the recipient will be using to view the page.

Google loves responsive websites: content is king

When it comes to web design, you should always be conscious of how your website’s layout will affect your search rankings. By having a responsive website instead of both a desktop website and a mobile website, you minimize the number of URLs that Google has to index. This makes it so that Google doesn’t have to have to use unnecessary resources by crawling duplicate content. Additionally, when valuing links, Google has to decide which website gets the credit – the mobile site or the desktop site. With responsive web design, Google doesn’t have to make this choice because there is only one URL being used for all devices, and all links are pointing at that URL.

Although the fear that responsive design costs significantly more is prevalent in the Web Development community, this is not true. The cost of building with maintaining a desktop website and a separate mobile website are much more than the cost of one responsive site.

Call us at 731-616-0090 and find out.

SEO Web Design in Memphis Tn


Do You Need A Boost In Traffic On The Website? Try These Search Engine Optimization Suggestions.

Search engine marketing is important for fulfillment online, but it might be hard to do it properly. While it may seem complicated, with our help you can optimize your website and boost your rank on search engines like google and increase your online traffic.

In order to use seo to increase your visibility, your web site must be well coded. A web site that may be primarily developed in messy JavaScript is going to be difficult or impossible for spiders to index.  Flash content is also difficult to index.

Develop a site map for the website to assist the major search engines with finding your site's pages. These maps allow the Google and the others to find any subpage on the site. Even when your website is small, a site map will have a big effect on its search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a method of advertising online. This technique requires one to use specific keywords within your site content to be able to secure higher rankings on search results pages. This can show people your blog after they preform a search or find one of your videos in your video gallery.

Local searches are easier to rank on because of the automatic inclusion of links by locale. Additionally, people place more faith into the website if your rating in the Better Business Bureau also.

Overall, SEO in Memphis Tn is vital to your internet business's success.  If your site is well-designed, you will definately get more traffic and, by extension, greater profits.  

Great at your Memphis business but not so hot at web design?  We can help.  Studio Blue Creative, Inc. is a Internet Marketing and web design firm that specializes in getting you website found. Give us a call 731-616-0090.  You will speak to a live person right and get on your way to a better responsive designed website for your Memphis Business, Today!

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